Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mr. Mouse's Trippy String and Roor Pocket Friend

What a perfect combination!

A Roor "Pocket Friend", a flat, pocket sized natural perc water bubbler perfect for those on the go, from the high quality glass makers at Roor. Glass on glass fittings and unique style make this a great addition to any collection. Remove the bowl and mouthpiece for easy storage and cleaning.

If you have not heard of lighting wicks, you need to learn! They are an alternative to lighters, which leave the taste of butane. Great for lighting cigars! There is a new beeswax hemp wick on the market, Mr. Mouse's Trippy String, produced by Vancouver local Dave Douglas. It burns longer than traditional beeline wick, is available in rainbow colours and is a foot longer than beeline.

Buy local, buy Trippy String! You can find Trippy String wick and the pocket Roor at Ignite Smoke Shop, as well as a full selection of regular beeline, beeline thick, spools and other fine Roor products.

109 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1E1

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Puff N Pass Flying Frisbee Pipe - Gives a new meaning to puff puff pass

Summer loving this!

Have you always wanted a pipe you could safely throw across the room to your friends? Well now you have it!  Puff N Pass - A frisbee with a pipe in it (with a lid on the pipe so your bowl doesn't spill). 

Puff N Pass has a carb and comes with instructions for a game: from the company website). It is available now at Ignite Smoke Shop. Say "Puff Puff Pass" in the store to save $5 on this frisbee pipe.

How to Play PUFF-N-PASS:
  1. Pass Puff-n-Pass to any player
    (must be a catchable pass).

  2. If caught by player:
    Puff-n-Pass to next player.

  3. If missed, dropped or fouled:
    you miss your puff, then pass to next player.

  4. Three misses and you have to pack
    Puff-n-Pass and pass it.

  5. The end of the bowl ends the game.
    The one with the least or no misses wins!

  6. If you're happy, you're a winner!