Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Puff N Pass Flying Frisbee Pipe - Gives a new meaning to puff puff pass

Summer loving this!

Have you always wanted a pipe you could safely throw across the room to your friends? Well now you have it!  Puff N Pass - A frisbee with a pipe in it (with a lid on the pipe so your bowl doesn't spill). 

Puff N Pass has a carb and comes with instructions for a game: from the company website). It is available now at Ignite Smoke Shop. Say "Puff Puff Pass" in the store to save $5 on this frisbee pipe.

How to Play PUFF-N-PASS:
  1. Pass Puff-n-Pass to any player
    (must be a catchable pass).

  2. If caught by player:
    Puff-n-Pass to next player.

  3. If missed, dropped or fouled:
    you miss your puff, then pass to next player.

  4. Three misses and you have to pack
    Puff-n-Pass and pass it.

  5. The end of the bowl ends the game.
    The one with the least or no misses wins!

  6. If you're happy, you're a winner! 


  1. I have some of the first 100 Bowls for the first frisbowls ever made > way back in 1976 >
    any Interest.
    Possibly even the first frisbee pipe ever made > the one used for the actual Patent

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