Monday, 3 October 2011

Vansterdam Organic Hemp Clothing - Made in Canada

Oh yeah! Hemp!  

Ignite Smoke Shop is now carrying hemp t-shirts, locally made with organic, sustainable hemp.

Durable and long-lasting, these hemp tees are made by local Vancouver company Vansterdam Clothing and feature various original prints. Available in both mens size s-xxl and ladies xs-l, these shirts are warm, comfortable and breathable! Perfect for fall.

"Mary Jane" Mens hemp shirt
 Hemp is a great T-Shirt for cool weather as it is warm and layers well. Hemp is a very breathable fabric. Organic hemp takes no chemicals or pesticides to grow so as a textile is very good for the planet. Hemp wicks moisture away from the skin and is soft, thick and cozy.

"Aphrodite" Ladies Hemp

"Buddha" Mens Hemp

Visit Ignite Smoke Shop to see more great styles and prints from Vansterdam Clothing. Big ups!

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